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Welcome to the Dhead Factor Blog

What is it ?

Why are you reading it and what am I going to tell you that you dont already know ?

Lets take a look at what a blog is and why people feel the need to vent and talk to the internet universe…..

Blogs are varied and can range from Random news to an assortment of personal opinions… which is why you should read this blog, its different in a different kind of way.

Did you know you can stream our episodes here as well ? Bet you did already as you are an active participant in the glory of The Dhead Factor.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been trying to catch up on letting life and the show has suffered because of it ! Well not anymore, its time to ramp it up again.

We are The Dhead Factor and we bring you the news you need to hear, the funny stuff.

You can go anywhere to hear the latest on who was murdered or raped or other depressing stuff like that so we troll the internet to find some of the odd, wierd and random news.

We also cover some great music as well from indie artists, so if you have anything you would like to send through catch us on twitter


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But lets take a look at what we are featuring in the episodes coming up, we cover a number of stories like

* The man that stuck a monkey down his pants
* How stupid are politicians
* Is it illegal to find your own stolen iPad ?
* What is it like to live in the capital of Australia ?

We give our truths in the only form it should be told, straight from our mouths. Through doing this show I stumbled across some great great people and shows.

By listening to us you dont get 1 show, you get a ton more !

Come drop by some time and welcome yourself to chat with friends, or Dickheads if your that way inclined

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Thank you and good night


what have you been missing ?

There is a great little podcast called

The Royal and Doodall show

feature a collections of skits, random news, comedy, music and celebrity guest…..

We all falter in their light but that being said there is no reason not to get some Royal and Doodall action

In every episode you learn a little something about both these guys from

* The closet homosexual tendacies
* The alcoholics they will soon come
* The judgement of others thinking they are better and last but not least
* The Big Gay bear

There show features a ton of guest speaks from comedians Ed Wallick, Travis Clark and celebrity star host of The Dhead Factor ‘Jabs’

There is also 2 americans and a news host….

Its actually pretty funny when you think about the show… maybe you dont need to listen and reading this is enough ?

I wouldnt thinks so either so I have found the embed player for you

Podcast Powered By Podbean

That way there is no excuse not to love it…..

I also found the iTunes link

and because of their professionalism they are on Facebook, twitter (Royal_n_Doodall) and they have a web site thingy

This is Jabs, thank you and good night !

Oh yeah and celebrate a great independent show ! Get them charting on iTunes or listen into their live show latter today on u Stream

Find more details of the live show on twitter

The Babysitting debate - The Dickhead Factor is high

Now people I have a question to pose to you………….

Is it called babysitting if they are indeed (allegedly) your children ?

I am the owner of 3 children and my wife has decided to head for a shopping weekend and leave me with the kids.

Now Im not worried about the whole babysitting aspect of it as what I hope is their biological parent…….*paternity suit pending but I do however get called the great old term of ‘Dick Head’ because I usually state that I will be babysitting my children on the weekend.

Now lets break down why I call it baby sitting…..they are indeed under 5 years old……I will be spending the whole time sitting…..

WTF does it matter what I call it, you are indeed the dickhead if you fell that the only debate about soemone looking after their children over the weekend should be about what you call the actual process…….

I would be more worried about ….food….beer……pay Tv subscription and the most important things bed time…..

Some may debate that they actually look after me and who am I to disagree as I write this blog from my bed and my 5 year old daughter is cooking me bacon……………….Im joking people she isnt allowed to use the oven…….She is just slaughtering the pig…..

I call dickhead on all the people that get bogged down with semantics, when there are more important questions to pose…… Check yourself pimples…..

For more of our rant about the Dickheads out there and in some cases us being dickheads check us out on our some what attempt to be funny below….

You may also take the time to figure out that the rants on this blog are indeed a version of advertisement and venting for our world acclaimed podcast ! Check it out before SOPA stops it ! Comedy is the first thing that goes….

Thank you and Good Night - Jabs

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The Best of 2011 Part 2 ………… The blog

In an original show based on previous episodes we take a look back at where we are and what we should be doing for the oncoming year.

The Dhead Factor is a podcast we started to have some fun and boy have we….. with 11 episodes under our belt and a number of special clip shows we are far from finished….

One morning I woke up and thought why not broadcast our lives into the universe and see what happens…expecting only 5 listeners (the hosts) we did just that fueled by the smooth crisp taste of beer……

In the first episode we didn’t know what to do, we just started to talk and have some fun………with the alcohol resting in our systems pleasantly we took on random news from around the world looking into the true Dheads (Dickheads out there) and passing our judgement on all those special enough to be born as an elite DHead class….

We still continue to pass our judgement and have fun publishing it through a number of method including iTunes, Stitcher, Blackberry and Zune……. Oh yeah and we stream it live right here…..

After many month of having fun we pushed ourselves into a radio show that can be heard on rant media ! This was one of our proudest moments and still continues to be…..

The best of shows we produced are a way of introducing you to the show if you havent heard it, or if you have to enjoy some of your favourite clips…..

I recommend listening to both of them and not taking the seriously they are mearley for jest and should be taken that way and we hope that you enjoy it half as much as we do in making it…..

Yes we are AUSTRALIAN and proud of it………….so sit back and relax….join us by communicating and we will talk to you either through

email :

twitter : @thedheadfactor

facebook : Page The Dhead Factor

or now available on skype ! Search for us and leave us a message on our answering machine……

Thank you for all your support and keeping on trucking !

Catch up with all our episode…….After you hear the best of 2011 Part 1 why not check out some of the previous episode !

The Dhead Factor ………. Australias number one Dheads !

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Check out all the episodes of the hit DHead Factor series !

Minicast 7 - 20 November 2011 - (Epis 7.5)

We check out some random news and talk old school Dhead Factor with our first ever flash back !!!!

Episode 7 - Getting it on like Donkey Kong !

Featuring the hit song “See me falling” from Circle 7

Episode 7 - Why ? How about Why not ?????

Welcome to the Dhead Factor… the link above to hear the full podcast

This is Jabs and below is the blog for episode 7, we hope you enjoy our latest episode as much as we do when we record it and make sure you support us in getting funding for charity in Movember

We will have regular photos of how our Mos are going

Welcome to The Dhead Factor- Three Drunk Guys - Episode 7

In this episode…………….

We kick off the show and introduce Jabs (Host), Josh, Stuart and introduce Cobs

As with the previous podcasts involving Stuart we screw up the beginning again…………………………………

- After the intro we look back at previous episodes and see what we have to apologise for….. we will need to make apologies for the next episodes

- Give an updated on what we got up to last week…………..including the crazy lady at woolworths that decides there wasnt enough meat in her lasagne.

- We attempt to teach true Australian facts and Stu gives out a great breakfast recipe

After much random banter we take a break and listen to

Circle 7 and there smash hit ‘See me Falling’

Grab your copy today from itunes on the link

or check them out on their website

After a quick add from The need to know news cast……………..

 we attempt to get back on track and introduce the Random news story 1

- A women burns down a house after being un-friended on facebook   …..

After the discussion goes down hill again……..we jump into story 2

- Story number 2 takes us to a man that is arrested after calling the police to complain about his iPhone being broken

- Story number 3 A zimbabwe man is arrested after claim a donkey he was having intercourse with was actually a prostitute……

Due to the amount of random banter in this episode we have left a lot for next weeks Minicast episode ! Dont miss it

Before we finish off the show we try to figure out why it takes us soooooo long to finish the show and place in some adds

We get a bit serious and talk raising money for a great charity Movember, Where the boys will donate their faces for Mens health

We ask our listeners to donate for this good cause

In the close we give a shout out……………. to The need to Know news (@TNTKNews) the twitter account too raunchy for twitter……….a quick shout out to @geeandjayshow for all their support…………..and a special thank you to the Succotash show from america…….

Finish the show with Forgotten Fridays ‘Hesitation’

Thank you for all your support, and Good night

Post some comments for us and the best will be used as part of the show !!

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Thank you and Good night

Minicast 6 - Expand your universe today